Plan individual scenes

It's possible to create a shot list manually in Excel or in another program, but this workflow as based on as little manual work as possible, using several different programs to simplify manual task and increase quality of work. 

create intial shotlist

Create the initial shotlist with StoryFlow and Shotlister in six steps.

  1. Import the manuscript into StoryFlow and export all shots as csv file.

  2. Import the manuscript into Shotlister and export all scenes as csv file

  3. Merge both csv-files using Shotlister template and export as a new csv-file

  4. Import the csv-file into Shotlister

  5. Sync Shotlister project

  6. Export pdf and csv files

Important note: Pre-note in Shotlister is equal to scen/shot in Final Draft. Shot in Shotlister is cronological shot order, i.e. slate numbering and not equal to shot from manuscript. 

Add storyboard images for each shot into to Shotlister when needed. Use small images due to issues large filesize when syncing the shotlist. 

create floor plan

Create a floor plan in Shot Designer based on shotlist and storyboard. Export as pdf and to excel.

Update shotlist

Update the shotlist in the Shortlister application and add additional information from floor planning and export to excel for other purposes.

Add information as shot size, lens, camera upport and other information that is needed on set. If possible, avoid duplicate information  in Shot designer and Shotlister

Until you start to create a daliy schedule with shots is it possible to import and export CSV-files, to an from Shotlister, with updates from Final Draft, using Excel.



There are the programs used for creating and maintaining shot lists.

  • Final Draft (Windows or MacOS)

  • Excel (Windows or MacOS)

  • StoryFlow (iPad)

  • Shotlister (iPad & MacOS)

  • Shotdesigner (iPad)