Writing a manuscript for a serie 

Overall story


Write a manuscript in Final Draft based on a synopsis for a genre and with a theme. 

The script should include majority of scenes, actors and locations before pre-productions begins.

The script numbering must be locked when production starts, as it's not possible to change scene numbering after production starts.

Day planning also requirers  the scene numbering to be locked down. However, there is a possibility to add scenes and shots at a later stage if needed, using exception handling.


story per episode

Write each episode with beats using the beat sheet






    Beat sheet

    Structure of a beat sheet. (Save the Cat by Blake Snyder)

    1. Opening image
    2. Set-up
    3. Theme stated
    4. Catalyst
    5. Debate
    6. Break Into Two
    7. B story
    8. The promise of the premise
    9. Midpoint
    10. Bad guys closes in
    11. All is lost
    12. Dark night of the soul
    13. Break into three
    14. Finale
    15. Final image