screenwriting for a short film, feature or series

You can have at least three different approaches to screenwriting depending on who will produce the film and/or size of the budget

The differences between these three approaches are the included activities and the order of them, based on the constraints. Otherwise, the parts in the  script are the same.


high-level story with beATS

Structure of a beat sheet. (Save the Cat by Blake Snyder)

  1. Opening image
  2. Set-up
  3. Theme stated
  4. Catalyst
  5. Debate
  6. Break Into Two
  7. B story
  8. The promise of the premise
  9. Midpoint
  10. Bad guys closes in
  11. All is lost
  12. Dark night of the soul
  13. Break into three
  14. Finale
  15. Final image
Beat board.png



How the character transforms during the script.


Screenwriting software

We use Final Draft for screenwriting as it's a very established program for screenwriting in the industry. It's available and maintained for Windows, MacOS and iOS.

Templates for shotfilms, features and series are available  as examples.

The script should include majority of scenes, actors and locations before pre-productions begins.

The script numbering must be locked when production starts, as it's not possible to change scene numbering after production starts.

Day planning also requirers  the scene numbering to be locked down. However, there is a possibility to add scenes and shots at a later stage if needed, using exception handling.