overview of Quality system

We have implemented a quality system for Artmann Media in order to assure that

  • We deliver agreed quality, on-time and within budget
  • We comply to laws and regulations in the countries we are working in
  • We maintain a long term profitability and social responsibility  

The quality  system covers three different areas within the company, e.g. the filmmaking processes, supporting processes as business development & procurement as well as generic processes as financial, HR etc.

Marketing, Sales, FILM production and customer care 

Marketing and communication is about promotion of products and services

Sales is the process from a proposal to a customer until payment is done.

Film production is the process where we produce film and video for our customers. 

Customer care is the processes where we manage request for information and resolve problems for the customer.    

Management, business developmenT, AND procuREment 

Management is for governance and organisation within the company, but also responsible for quality assurance.  

Business development is to develop business, new products and services as well as improve ways of working.

Procurement and supply chain for buying and renting products and services to the company.


LEGAL, FinaNcial, HR, Facility & workplace and IT

Legal is how we adhere to laws and regulation.

Financial is for managing of accounting and financials in the company

HR for managing employees

Facility & workplace is for managing working environment. 

IT is for supporting IT & communication systems.  


Examples of documents in our quality system are described in our document guide