Film production

The ways of working, roles & responsibilities and type of equipment we use differs very much depending of the type of production we do.  This is why we separate the documentation in our quality system based on what we are doing, i.e. News , Events, Corporate, Documentaries, Narratives and Commercials.

 Generic sub-process for film production

Generic sub-process for film production

The purpose with the Film production handbooks, are to describe how we work in the five different stages in film production. The notation film production is used though out the handbooks regardless of recording media, film or digital, but also film and/or sound.

They contain description of how we work, the roles and responsibilities , example of equipment and other information are found in the film production handbooks, part I-IV and a supplement.

The production handbook library consists of several books for different types of film productions

  • Production handbook, part I – news
  • Production handbook, part II – events
  • Production handbook, part III – corporate
  • Production handbook, part VI – documentaries
  • Production handbook, part V – short films, series and features
  • Production handbook, part IV - commercials
  • Production handbook, supplement – generic information for productions