This is some of the sound equipment we use for video production

Røde Filmmaker kit
  • Two Sennheiser G3 / EW100 with ME2 & ME4 lavallieres
  • Two Sennheiser G3 with ME2 lavallieres 
  • Two Röde lavalliere with XLR-adapters 
  • Röde Reporter microphone with windshield
  • Röde NTG4+ shotgun with Röde windshield
  • Röde 3m boom pool and Boom Buddy
  • Röde Blimp
  • Sony ECM-957 stereo microphone & Rycote windshield
  • Zoom F8 field mixer
  • Zoom H6 field recorder
  • Two Tentacle sync with XLR-cables
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 D/A
  • Röde NT2-A dynamic microphone
  • K&M 23860 BK microphone arm
  • Mackie Pro FX12 mixer
  • Sony MDR-7506 headphones