Using Two cameras and color cast

White-balance with one camera is rather simple, but with two different cameras is it a another game.

The pictures below are from the same session and same lightning conditions, but the cameras didn't capture the same colors. The left image is shot with a Sony CX740 videocamera and the right one with an iPhone 5s using Filmic Pro.

The left image is more like the real colors in the room as compared to the right image. I have adjusted the contrast a little bit and lower the exposure on the left image to have them as comparable as possible, but differences in color temperature are not the easiest to handle.

We had white backgrounds when shooting previous interviews and no artificial lightning. In this episode, we used two 5000K lights and the were also incident light via a window. This is why the effect is much larger for this shot compared to previous episodes.

In order to prepare for next session I tried another videocamera instead of the iPhone to see if there were any huge differences. Not the same conditions, but at least a try to prepare for an outdoor shot. 

The video below shows a very short clip with two Sony videocameras and a color chart. No adjustments at, only standard day-light settings. (One set white balance for the CX740 didn't give the same result as the on CX900). As seen in the example, the differences are much less between the two shot compared to the above images. 

Lessons learned: Get it reasonable right from the start, as it's very hard to make color corrections in editing programs as it takes a lot of knowledge and time in post-processing.