Next session with sound recording

My next session with sound recording was done with the same lavaliere microphones and pre-amps as earlier. This time I used with the latest version of Hijack Pro and an updated version of Audacity. The recording interface was easier in the new version and it was possible to see recording levels very quickly compared to the old program.  

The recorded file was then imported into Audacity, where I increased the gain +18 dB on one channel, muted the other channel and then run the session though a plug-in for compression of the sound.
The file edit was then saved as a AIFF-formated file, which I imported into Final Cut. Some quick cuts in the dialog to remove some stumbling and the file was ready to share as an MP3.

It became a very simple workflow with quick turnaround and, as I think, far better quality compared to before. It's all about how to use the different tools in the best way.