The importance of monitoring

When doing an interview, the sound is very important. But bear in mind, the gear is not everything, it's how you use it that matters more. 

During two days, we shot seven interviews with three different people.

First two sessions with Greger went OK the day before so I was pretty confident for the Friday session with Joakim and Greger.

The setup consisted of two AudioTechnica lavalliers, connected to a Focusrite Scarlet pre-amp and recording with Hi-jack Pro on a MacBook Pro. Monitoring was done via a pair of Sony headphones. I also had a condensor Sony stereo mic connected to the videocam. It took approximately 30 minutes to set up the equipment for video recording and I did a sound check on the lavalliers via headphones. 

Everything worked, but.

We choose to hide the microphone cables under the clothing and this was when something went wrong. As I were both was interviewer and cameraman, I didn't took my time to monitor the recording, thus not catching the problem. The first session had only scrathing noice from one mic.

The second cable issue was that I had problem with USB3 cable on the hard drive. It wouldn't work properly when testing, so I stored the video-stream on the internal hard drive. When the disk was getting full, the hard disk slowed down and the last recording became unusable due to  lots of dropped frames. 

Third, I used an app on the iPhone to record video for B-camera. Default setting, that I didn't notice was that 24 fps and other camera was 50 fps (2x25) so there was a slight difference in timing in Final Cut. I had the same issue when recording with a Zoom H2n at a previous occation. 

The net effect of these three obstacles was that I had to put a lot more effort in post-processing than if I had got it right at the shooting session. Another conclusion is that I think it's better to make sessions even if you are not trained enough, to get experience, instead of only plannning and preparing. It's like riding a bike, the first times you would fall.
Neverless, six episodes of Architecture Corner are ready and they are now published on a weekly basis.

Next challange: Live streaming ......