Preparing for a videoblog or a podcast

I'm planning to run a video-blog about Enterprise Architecture on one of my other blogs. 

EA the main area that I have been working in since 15 years ago and I would like discuss different topics in the intersection of business and IT.

Our thinking so far is as follows:

The format is an interview with one person or a discussion with two, three or up to four persons

Live-streaming is gaining a lot of popularity, but a lot of thing can go wrong during a live event. Especially when you are a new-bee and there is a log of technology involved.

The initial sessions will be recorded interviews and the will be published at a later stage. This is to rehearse and avoid Murphy as much a possible. 

When the format in the blog is established can we start live-streaming interviews from a studio setup. The challenge now is to get the streaming technology to work. This includes inserts of illustrations, images and text overlays. 

The third level is to make interviews with participants at other locations. Here we have to handle the issue with less control over the video and image capture at the other end as well as possible network issues.

The forth and final level of complexity is to manage up to four people, at different locations, in a discussion at the same time. 

A constraint is that all capture and streaming must be possible to do on different platforms as OS/X, Windows 7, Android and iOS.  

So far, our hypothesis is that we could use Goggle Hangouts for streaming, with Ustream and Livestream as options if not is working with  Hangouts.

We will use external microphones for all audio, regardless of if we are sending direct or doing a mix and send it at a later time. 

Camera, lightning and other stuff will be what each of us we have today. No new stuff until we have the right format in place and start live streaming.

Editing and post-processing will probably be done in Final cut Pro X, as this is the program I'm used to and have installed.

From a content perspective do we need some rules. We will prepare four to five questions to respond to for a given subject and the time for each interview would not be more than 15 minutes.

The first teaser is already published on Vimeo, but we have not yet set any date for the pilots.