You need to practice to improve your skills

You need to practice to be better. Both to improve your skills and iron out wrinkles in your routine.  This is nothing new, but still a valid truth.

I had a number of issues when trying to capture video and audio to a computer.

First of all, I had to switch off face-recognition in the video cam as this was a default setting. When shooting close-ups, you will see a frame around the head that will assist the  auto-focus. It's not on the SDHC-card, but it was present in the HDMI-output.

Second, capture 1080p/50 video takes a lot of space. The internal SSD is fast, but not so large so I had to use an external USB3 drive to avoid filling the internal drive. Thunderbolt was not an option, as this interface was used for the HDMI-capture.

Third, my MacBook Pro only have an i5 CPU and the external disk is only 60 Mb/s which means that system is a little bit underpowered. Default settings for the capturing program, (Blackmagic Media Express), was to abort recording and playback if there was dropped frames. This was what happened after a few seconds, so I had to change settings to continue even if dropped frames and make another take. This was the 12th try.

After importing the sequence to the editing program, I saw that a leaf from the plant was visible  in the left lower corner of the scene and it looked a bit odd. After adding 10% scaling to the clip did the vegetation disappear.

Speaking without stumbling is not always the easiest part and I had to redo several times. When merging this clips together was it very easy too spot each clip due to slight variations in body positions. The cure was to make a little more digital zoom in edit of one scene and emphasize that sentence. 

Sound adjustments is not my specialty, so I only do some basic corrections in post-production. Right now, it's not a perfect sound, but hopefully good enough for a short teaser. 

The final version of "More about Enterprise Architecture" is now online on Vimeo and Youtube. 

Next step in the Making of Architecture Corner is to do live streaming and I will come back to that topic in a another article.