Creating a teaser for a videoblog

The first little assignment was to create a short-movie as a teaser for the show Architecture Corner. This is a less than 45 second spot to promote the show in a very basic way. Never-less, it was a challenge and it took a while to get it good enough.

For this piece, I was both the person on stage and camera man in addition to being sound crew. I'm usually the guy behind the camera when shooting a video and don't have that much experience of standing in front of the lens. Luckily, I'm used to do presentations in public so one of the worst hurdles have already been passed.

When doing presentations at work, I often have a PowerPoint-presentation with headlines and bullets, but not a written script what to say, I'm just talking about the subject and have the presentation as a reminder. In this case, I had a written dialogue to memorize and speak in a natural tone, without stumbling.

If you are used to talk to people direct is it very odd to behave in a natural way and speak to a camera without any other persons around. I had to re-shoot a number of times in order to have both my appearance and my dialogue in line. This meant to go back to the camera, look in the display and if it was good enough, take the memory card to the computer and have a second look. First after the fifth session was it reasonably good.  The remaning challenge is now how I can look a little bit more positive than a Sovjet ice-hockeyplayer from the 70's.

Technically was it not so hard. I used my normal equipment, a regular video camcorder on a sturdy tripod, an external lav-microphone and a pair of monitoring headphones. I tried scenes both with and without LED-lights, but the final shots was done with only natural lightning from the windows just before dawn. 

Editing was done in Final Cut with a little bit of tweaking of both video and audio.  I used a still-photo for the title sequence and a music-track was added as a background. Each new version was then uploaded to Vimeo for review by some good friends. After their comments, back to the scene again.

Lessons learned: It is not complicated when you know how to do. You just have to practice and iterate.