Using video as a documentary tool

You will not get an Oscar reward for video used for capturing project related footage. Still, it could be a rewarding activity to use a video camera with an external microphone to document an event.

We have been looking for a summerhouse at the coastline for a while, and some week ago we found a house near Mölle in southern part of Sweden. The house have been empty for a while and was on sale.   

I used the camcorder with a separate Sony lavallier microphone to videofilm both the outside and inside of the house during two days together with comments about issues of what we saw.   

The footage was imported into Final Cut/X and I added a note on each clip with room and other details. Next step was to make a project and add clips in sequences of a tour round the house. Based on this video, I wrote a paper of faults and open questions. The list of faults was then shared with the estate agent as part of the negation process.

Update: Video of the little cottage by the sea

En liten stuga vid havet from Casimir Artmann on Vimeo.