To make it rough

Initial assembly and rough cut are terms well known for those mastering off-line film editing. For a newcomer to this field of expertise, I try to do some basic edits of those video clips I take in the step by step exercises and publish them on Internet. 

Let us start with a little background.

Video editing is a lot about software and computers, and here I have some basic knowledge and not a total new-bee. (I studied computer graphics and wrote image manipulation programs more than twenty-five years ago.)     

Being an avid Macintosh user, the selection of computer platform was rather simple. iMovie has for a long time been included in the package when buying a new Mac, so I have tried the program in the past but we didn't come along. (The old pre HD-versions was easier to work with). I also tried Final Cut Studio and Final Cut Express some years ago, but the learning curve was to steep for me. Creative Suite from Adobe was too expensive for personal use, so video editing was on a back-burner until this year.

With a much simpler workflow, and a far better price than previous versions, was it time to download a trial version of Final Cut Pro X from Apple's site. I managed to import all footage and projects from iMove, and tried to do some basic edits. It worked better for me compared to iMove and it was reasonably fast for handling HD-video clips, i.e. good enough for my need for the near future.  

So now, all my rough cuts are done in Final Cut. It will probably take a long time before I'm good enough to make a video with production quality. Until then, my final cuts are available at Vimeo.