Shoot a movie a day for sixty days

The first six exercises based on the first chapter in the book Digital Video Secrets are now available in an album at Vimeo

The seventh secret in this chapter was to shoot a movie a day for sixty days. I started the exercise little more than two weeks ago and have only missed two days so far.  

So now, I bring the videocamera with me every day and try to find some new subjects on my way to and from work.  I find it getting harder and hander to find new things to shoot so I think it's soon time to start planning the remaining shots.   

During the summer here in Sweden, I will also try to continue with the other secrets in the book, starting with secret 9. The second chapter, with "Watch other films made on DV and HDV" will have to wait until fall, when the weather is getting worse and the sunset is early in the evening.