First steps with video

Finally, I'm now trying to learn video, filming and editing, the proper way. 

I have been using a video camera for nearly five years now and have roughly fifty videotapes down in the basement. But I have never tried to learn it by taking a course or a class.  

So this winter, I bought the book [Digital Video Secrets] from Amazon in order to learn the basics in a rapid pace.

My first reaction was "Oops, is it this much you have to learn". The second was "OK, except from the audio part, it's very similar to still photography". Something I've done for more than thirty years. The third and final was then "Audio is something I have to learn. It's important and I have not done it before." 

So, after adding some new equipment to the camera bag, it was time to start with the exercises. One after another, step by step, secret by secret. 


Oh, did I mention that I had to buy a larger bag.