This is what type of equipment you need to have in order to participate in a remote call

  • Mobile phone, at least iPhone 5s, an equivalent Android or Windows  phone or better
  • Headset, Apple earbud, equivalent or better
  • Skype installed and skype account
  • Internet connection, 8 Mbps in both directions or better
  • Small tripod with phone holder (optional) 

HOST AND Subject matter EXPERT 

The host and optional subject matter expert are using lavalliere microphones and an ear-piece to listen to the guest.

  • Two lavellier microphones
  • Two long XLR-cables or two wireless kits
  • Headphone cable splitter 3.5 mm
  • Two headsets 3.5 mm
  • Two long extensions cables  3.5 mm

Camera and sound

 Capture sound and Skype call with this setup.

  • MacBook Pro or similar laptop
  • Skype client installed and Skype account
  • Call recorder
  • USB microphone with cable
  • Internet connection 
  • Zoom H6 recorder
  • Splitter cable 3.5 mm stereo to  2 x 6.3 mm mono
  • Stereo headphones (not in picture)

A laptop computer is used to host the Skype call and capture the remote video via Call recorder, thats is an add on program to Skype.

The audio from the Skype call is captured to the the Zoom H6 recorder as well as the sound from the two lavalliere microphones. The USB microphone is used to send the voice from the host and the subject matter expert to the guest. Using inear-phones , we are avoiding echo and don't need a minus-mix for the remote guest.

Capture local video with this setup